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Don Campbell, August 1961, Yukon Street


Tom Hilson is my Dad’s step-father.

Aunt Jack was  Grandpa Campbell’s aunt, Leona Wible.

She and Grandma Campbell are at Depoe Bay in October 1953. The waves are notoriously high there!

I was guessing on this one, but asked Valborg for help, just to make sure, and here is her reply:  “Yes, the woman to the right is my mother Greta Maria, born 4th of May 1921.  To the left is her sister Anna Katarina, born 10th of March 1923.  Their parents are August Reinhold Westersund and Ida Matilda, maiden name Franzen.  The picture is taken in the living room of their home Hult in Jakobstad.”

This picture was sent to Grandma Reba for Christmas 1947.

You may recall Uncle August from one of the earlier posts.  He was in Astoria, then returned to Finland.  This makes him my great-great uncle.  Valborg has promised to help with the family tree, and now that I see pictures, it’s starting to make some sense!

My grandma Thelma, Dad’s mom.  She was Thelma Fitch, was married to Charles McCarthy, then married Tom Hilson

Thelma, and my Dad as a baby.

My grandpa, Donald Campbell

And his sister, Dorothy

Like yesterday’s posting, I’m only guessing that this is Great Grandma, comparing her to the previous family portraits.  Any one able to confirm?

I’m guessing: these are Great Aunts Helen and Victoria.  As these weren’t labeled, I’m comparing them to photos that are labeled.

Mark and I were curious also about the difference between the photographer’s name on this one and the one coming tomorrow.  I love the backdrops in some of these studio portraits.  Is that supposed to be grass?

My brother Mark and me, posing for the family Christmas Card.

This must be in September of 1960, taken by Gene in Klamath Falls.  I recall it seeming very odd to have Christmas things out in September!