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That’s Mom and Wid Bleything, who was a neighbor in Westmoreland, down on 19th Street?  Wid was how my parents met, he became a good friend of my Dad at Pacific University.  He was the Best Man at their wedding.

I remember Mom telling the story of one of her first days at Lewis and Clark College, and meeting a young woman wearing a Benson Tech pin.  She asked who she knew at Benson.  “Wid Bleything”.  This was Helen, eventually Wid’s first wife, and Mom’s Matron of Honor!


That’s Mark and me.  According to Mom’s note:  “August 1961 (David had mumps)”.  Many of you have never seen me looking so pudgy!  Dad, Mark and I all had the mumps that summer, but I don’t remember who started it.  I look happy, Mark looks a bit nervous.  I know Dad was miserable.

Bob mailed this one to me last week.  “I think Imogene (Judy Mark’s mother) found this one of your Mom and Grandpa.”  On the back is written “Donald Campbell & Mary Lou.”  I’m guessing this is sometime in 1930, since Mom was born in 1929.

I think I’ve seen this one before in the box of Campbell photos, but most importantly it confirms that little girl is my mom, because I know there are dozens of her at that age.  Other than there are always more photos of the first child, I was only guessing with some of them.

Thanks Bob.

Charles H. McCarthy and Eunice J. Glover were married January 4, 1892 according to the family tree for this set of branches of my family.  Dad thinks these pictures may have been taken for their wedding, or there abouts.  He would be about 28 and she would be about 30 years old in these pictures.  It appears that they both lived their whole lives in Grafton County, New Hampshire which is where Littleton is.  His parents came from Ireland, and hers were also born in New Hampshire

The folder says this was taken in Corvallis.

I’m guessing that this picture of my Dad was taken at Newport R.I. during the war.  Maybe he can tell us more.

Dad when he was 3 years old

Grandpa Campbell, while he was working at Standard Oil.  No clue when this was taken.  The folder that photo is in says Moreland, so it was taken at a studio in the neighborhood.

This is my grandmother, Thelma.  Probably in 1930, or so.

This is Uncle Bob, probably in High School?  I’m hoping he knows, and can tell us what color that tie was!