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Grandma with Chris


Evidently not the best day to take her photograph!

As Bob pointed out below, I was mistaken in the original posting of this!  See his comments below for the correct info:

Grandma and Tom and Dick at the beach, 1949 or 50?


Mom, Dad and me, and Dick, Tom and Maryann, and Helen

Dick, Tom and Maryann, and me

Mom and Harriet, and why don’t I have a shirt on?

I recognize Helen, Mom and Harriet, but can’t tell who else is in between Helen and Mom.

Dad is digging with Tom, and I am looking for Japan

Dorcas Houle and brother Fred, 1945.  Their mother is May Farland Houle, their grandmother is Dora Hilson Farland.  Barbara thinks it was taken in Peacham Vermont.

See the Hilson Clan post for a hint of who they are!

Carolyn and Bob’s first Christmas tree, taken December 27, 1959

They certainly seem to be happy when they are in the garden. The roses were always something special, and Grandpa always kept close track of them.  Below is the diagram that he kept of the rose garden, and noted when and from whom they received rose bushes as gifts.  The one’s marked with a letter in a circle were still healthy when I transplanted them along the west fence. Click on the diagram for a larger view.

In the yard between the church and the parsonage in Willamina.

The picture is dated November 1961, which makes Mark 2 years old.  I’m guessing the film was in the camera for a while since he looks really young for 2!

Ed and Marie with Jerry.

This looks like it was the same day as the picture after Grandpa Westersund had bought all the grandkids hats.