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Jerry and Todd, 1966


Dad being honored for his reappointed to the church in Springfield, sometime in the late 70s.  That’s Dad, Mom, Mark and me, looking a little shaggier than I do these days!

This is Dad and Robert Smith, in Littleton NH.  I can’t tell if Dad is concerned about what Robert has on his head, or concerned about something else!  As unruly  as Robert’s hair looks, Dad’s is incredibly flat and shiny.  I assume Robert is a friend in the neighborhood.

We were posing for a Christmas Card photo.  We’re reading T’was the Night Before Christmas, with illustrations by Grandma Moses.  That’s the living room in Eugene, on E 21st Street.

Left to right: Don and Reba, Helen and Clark, Harriet holding Jolene Westersund, Tom, Maryann, Shirley holding Todd Westersund, Dick and Gene.

The picture was taken by Jerry in the driveway at Don and Reba’s on Yukon, September 1968.

Sometimes I’m not sure what comes next, so I bite my lip and go for it.

Hazel Hilson Wehr, Tom Hilson and Margaret Hilson Wylie.

Tom, Thelma, Hazel, Margaret and Bob Wylie

And add Barbara, Margaret and Bob’s daughter, and her kids in front, Barry, Karen and Scott

Dad, Mom and me out at Grandma and Grandpa Hilson’s house in Forest Grove, probably the summer of 1958.

Grandma and Grandpa celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 3, 1977.

Aunt Jack in 1958, in my Grandparent’s living room.  Jack was always knitting, sewing, or some such activity.

I think Mark has that chair!