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In Summer of 1965, Elsa was the first cousin to visit the American relatives after a long gap in immigrations and visits.  Elsa’s grandfather Anders Vilheklm was a Westersund, and brother of Karl Victor’s, but he changed his name to Cederlof.  Her father is a cousin of Victoria, Ed, Helen Reba and Harriet on this side of the Atlantic, and Greta and Anna in Finland.  One of these days I’ll figure out how to post some family trees to make all this a little clearer!

Val provided a narrative that told of Anders Vilhelm coming to America and returning to Finland several times.  He died in Astoria and is buried there.

Elsa with Don and Reba

Elsa with Helen and Clark


Picnic at Eagle Creek:


Family gathering at Don and Reba’s:

Left to right: Dick, Gene, Clark, Harriet, Helen, Tom, Maryann, Elsa, Reba, Shirley, Jerry and Don


These last two photos were taken in Astoria at Helen and Clark’s, but I only recognize a few faces, so there were obviously a lot of relatives that I don’t know!


Saturday October 1, they left Washington D.C. and 10:00 am and arrived in Washington PA at 5:30, 240 miles away.

On Sunday they drove 531 miles in 12 1/2 hours to arrive in Springfield Illinois at 6:00. Motel was $4.25, breakfast 1.60, lunch etc .80 and dinner $3.75.

On Monday they reached Kansas and stayed in Topeka.  They may have stayed with Aunt Emma?  In the list of addresses in the back of this diary is a listing for George Ashworth and Aunt Emma at 1260 Medford, Topeka Kan.

On Tuesday “I had the flu” is noted, along with an Oil Change and Lube, at 11853 miles on the odometer.  they arrived in Denver that evening at 5:45 after driving 572 miles.  The flu and oil change didn’t seem to slow them much!  Now I see why: “$10.00 speed fine Hugo Colorado”.  Other expenses for that day: Breakfast 1.37, lunch .67, motel 4.00 and dinner 2.00.

On Wednesday , October 5, they left Denver at 7:15.

They crossed the Continental Divide at Berthaud Pass at Elevation 11314: “Snow storm.  About 3 or 4 inches on highway posts.  Followed the Colorado River for miles aspen trees beautiful.”

“2 miles from Muddy Pass elevation 8772 looking towards Rabbit Ears Pass”

Panorama view of Yampa Valley, Colorado:

Red Mountains in Colorado:

They stayed in Heber Utah.

Thursday, October 6, they drove from Heber to Caldwell Idaho, arriving at 5:45.  “Helen had the flu.”

Snake River west of Buhl Idaho:

Thousand Springs:

Friday, they reached Portland at 4:30 driving 471 miles that day.  Their total for the trip was 7,814 miles.  They spent a total of $138.34, but I don’t see any notes of gas expenses.  If you work for Standard Oil, do you get gas for free?


“We left for New York City.  No reservations, no hotel room available.  Took tour of United Nations building.  Our guide was young girl from India.”

Between New York and D.C. they kept track of Toll Fees: total of $2.40, including .75 for “Toll bridge over Delaware, suspension bridge (very high)” and I found their itemized expenses for their travels days: Tuesday September 27, Breakfast .90, Coffee etc .40, Dinner $2.40, Motel $7.00.  Jersey Joe’s Motel in Mt. Ephraim N.J., arriving 5:45.

Wednesday noon – arrived in Washington D.C.  They evidently visited with a woman named Dagney?  Showed them around DC and Mount Vernon.

The Capitol:

Views from the top of the Washington Monument:

Helen and Reba on the Capitol steps:

Washington Monument from the Capitol:

Mount Vernon, Washington’s home:

Dagny, Reba and Helen

Helen, Reba and Don

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool, from the Lincoln Memorial:

On Saturday, October 1, they left Washington D.C. and headed west for home.


Friday September 23

I had my hair fixed $6.00.  Afternoon Charlie took us for a ride to Maine – took pictures.

York Harbor:

Nubble Light, Maine:

Nubble Cove, Maine:

Went to Groton – took pictures of foliage.  Very exclusive Boy’s School there.  Roosevelts sent there.  Boys of community are priviledged to go free.  We stopped at drive-in for dinner.


Saturday –

Bob arrived at 2.  Helen’s plane arrived at 3:30.  Rain.  Stopped to buy Lobsters (9).  Saturday night I made an apple pie.  Don, Bob, Charlie went out.  Had hot apple pie coffee at midnight.


Mary Lou and Charlie went to Squantum Church.  Helen and I went to Boston University Chapel.  Bob studied.  Don read paper.  Bob left at 2.  met ride at Boston College.  Forgot sailor hat.

After dinner we took Helen for a ride – Atlantic Ocean, Revere Beach, houses in Boston, etc.

Monday –

Don Helen and I went on sightseeing tour of Boston.  Paul Revere’s Home, Statue, Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Old North Church – went in sang last stanza of America.  Box pews.  Old Ironside, Boston Navy yards, Boston Harbor.

Drove up narrow crooked streets, Granary Burial Grounds, Boston Commons, Frog Pond, Old South Meeting House.  Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party.  Bunker Hill, Beacon Hill doorways.  City wanted to put in concrete pavement but people protested, wanted old brick sidewalks.  “The Battle of the Bricks.” Houses close together.  Purple window panes.  Walled gardens.  Wrought iron balconies.  Copley Square.  Trinity Church, Boston Public Library, and Old South Church.  Old lanterns still on some streets.  Enjoyed tour.

That evening – dinner at The Salmagundi – very fine, ate upstairs.

Reba continues her narrative:

Monday September 19 – Charlie drove us up to Revere Beach, Marblehead – Atlantic Ocean.  Took pictures of early homes.  Gloucester Bay.  Lobster Boats.  Ate lobster roll – 95 cents.

Concord – homes of Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) up the river from Concord Bridge in among trees.  Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson.  “Minute Man” Monument.

Took very good picture of Concord River from Bridge.

Went to Lexington – took more pictures.

Ate out (?)

Tuesday morning Mary Lou, Don and I went to Sturbridge Village.  Cost $1.75 per.  Had lunch $1.95 at Tavern.  Its a typical New England Village of a century and half ago.  Half of it was destroyed during flood August 18 – 19, 1955.  The village is recovering from its disaster but rebuilding will take a while.  Very interesting.

Went to Collinsville Conn and visited Jennie Gorter Van Wiggren and husband.  They took us up to the Avon Country Club for dinner.  He had won golf cup the week before.  Had wonderful steak dinner.  Also tasted his Lobster Thermador.  Stayed over night at Jenn’s.  Next morning Jenn drove us all aver countryside to see flood damage.  Past West Hartford into Farmington Conn. where Don took picture of old homes.  Date plates on outside some 1665 etc.  Town incorporated in 1640.  Don went with Jenn’s husband to see damage at Collins Plant (employs 300 men).  Left at noon.  Took picture of Jenn and Alan.

Wednesday evening Mary Lou made dinner, had barbeque pork chops.  Very good.  They went to Squantum that night.

Thursday –

Mary Lou Don and I rode on Subway to Harvard Square – walked then to Harvard University.  Went to Ag Museum – Glass Flower exhibit – very good, different.  Also saw stuffed birds, animals, Indians, etc.  Took subway back to Boston and went to Durgin Park for lunch.  Passed Faneuil Hall.  Wholesale meat district.  Lunch upstairs 95 cents – soup Pork Chops, potatoes, vegetable, hot corn bread, coffee, ice cream.  Went shopping.

That evening we went to Beacon Hill Kitchen for dinner.  $2.50 per.  Cinerama – Holiday.  Wonderful.

Reba picks up the narrative:

Boston- Arrived Sat. 4:00 PM.  Just visited that evening and prepared Sunday picnic dinner – Fried chicken – potato salad.

Sunday- Went to Newport and met Bob at the hotel.  Drove all around.  Had picnic behind sand dunes – dirty and windy.  Sat by the side of the road.  Lunch good.  Drove some more.  Went through The “Breakers” Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt estate.  Beautiful.  Cost $1.60 per person.  Guided tour.  Follows design and ornamentation of 16th century Northern Italian palaces in Genoa and Turin.  Bought extra prints of of inside of building.  House for the girls.  “Girls Play House.”  Where they learned to cook etc, keep house.  Well furnished 3 rooms.

Bob drove us all around to show us these large homes which were Summer homes of the wealthy New England people.

Took picture from Bath Road towards The Breakers and on “Cliff Walk” but too cloudy that day.  Atlantic Ocean.

Drove and drove – past the Naval Station.  Dad went to sleep.  Stopped at  Newport restaurant.  Had coffee and toasted English Muffins and jam.  Good, kind of soggy.  Bob really likes them.  Took Bob to the Shell Station outside the gates of the Base and he changed into his sailor suit.  Took picture of him.

Left him at Gate – Charlie took over and we drove towards Boston.  Stopped to see “The Bishop” Friend of Charlie who is a bachelor.  Has own furniture, early American furnishings.  Beautiful braided rugs.  Got home about 7:30.

Before they go any further I’ve added two photos to the end of Part 1.  In my haste, I missed two photos in South Dakota!
Now we continue Don and Reba’s journey from Portland to the East Coast:

September 15, they left Oregon Wisconsin at 5:45 AM and “arrived in Ypsilanti Michigan at 5:00 PM (6:00 Daylite Time)” 389 miles. “Beautiful motel planters lamps etc everywhere”

September 16, the left Ypsilanti at 5:45 AM and “Went to Niagara Falls.  Spent about 1 hour there.  Road construction, lost sign, etc.”

Arrived in Batavia NY at 5:20 PM.  333 miles.

This next picture is labeled as “Calso Station on way to Albany NY”.  You’d never know Don worked for an Oil Company!  Not sure what he was thinking, but I  love the photo:

Saturday September 17, left Batavia 4:45 AM, Arrived Boston 4:00 PM.  442 miles

There is a note in the corner of the page: “Remember Dick’s birthday”  I can’t make out the date.

In 1955, both Mary Lou and Bob were living on the East Coast, so Don and Reba drove across the country to see them.  They kept a diary of their trip, and I’ll do my best to decipher their notes.  They appear to have left home at 5:00 AM on September 10.  There is a note on the first page: “N.York – Lookup Kent’s garage 45th Street.  Ask for Charlie’s Dad’s brother in law – Chet Harris.”

Many of you have seen the first picture at Celilo Falls, along the Columbia.  They were there at 7 Am.  They arrived in Spokane at 12:50.  The drove 226 miles on 13.2 gallons of gas, getting 17.1 miles to the gallon.

They then enter a cryptic note: “Wallace Idaho 9/11/55.  4:30 Kid threw rock shattering windshield also chipped paint on hood. 5 PM at Farmers Insurance, Norman Johnson, Agent.”

Arrived Missoula 7:30 PM, 581 miles from Portland.

Left Missoula 6 AM.  2:30 gassed Billings, arrived at Sheridan Wyoming 5:10

This picture is outside of Sheridan. September 13, Left Sheridan 6:00 AM.  8:15 gas at Gillette, Montana.  Arrived Murdo S.D. 5 PM.  431 miles.  Gas average to date 18.4

Left Murdo 5:45.  Took pictures at Mt. Rushmore on the 14th.

Rapid City South Dakota 1:45 PM

Sunrise Presho South Dakota 6:15 AM

Arrived Oregon, Wisc at 8 PM  Mileage 663.

The next part of the trip will take them to Niagara Falls and finally reach the East Coast.

That’s Bob Harris cooking the bacon.  Grandma hands him some more, and Kathryn has the carton of eggs ready.  This must be before cholesterol was discovered!

They are up the McKenzie River in 1962.

At first, I couldn’t figure out why Grandpa had a sour look on his face.

Then I saw the next picture, and realized that Grandma made him sit at her place so she could get everyone in the picture.  Now I know where I get my suspicions about drinking out of the wrong cup!

In response to my question, Bob answered with the following:

“Aunt Nelle is an old friend of the Campbell/Townsend families, living in Warrenton.  She was married to Fred Sigurdson, one of the family that founded Bell Buoy Crab in Seaside.  I don’t know how/when her husband died — he was never here in my lifetime.  Aunt Nelle eventually moved to Portland and she lived in a small house at 4712 NE 24TH where she had a great flower garden.  I remember that before Memorial Days she and Dad would compare what they had to bring down to Ocean View Cemetery.  She would then ride down with us, sitting between Mary Lou and me.  During the forties Aunt Nelle operated a pottery shop — the California Pottery that Mark has came from Aunt Nelle’s shop. Each of us had our own pottery mug–mine was green, Mary Lou’s an orangey Red, Mom had blue and Dad’s was white.  We did not share our mugs!”

“Shortly after Carolyn and I were married she had us over for waffle dinner and made from her famous sour dough starter.  She served them with her home-made syrup which seared the roof of my mouth.”

“Carolyn got  some  of the starter and for many years we had sour dough waffles, then one year when we were living up in Marysville, Wa.,  Ferne came up to stay with the girls while we went up to Victoria.  When we returned Ferne proudly showed Carolyn that she had cleaned the refrigerator and had gotten rid of that smelly stuff in the small jar.  Bye bye sour dough waffles.”

“Unfortunately her health and Mom’s went down at about the same time and Dad had trouble keeping in touch with her.  I think she was living in a rest home out on NE 82nd when she died.  The name Jennie Rawson shows in the old address book–possibly a niece.”