In 1955, both Mary Lou and Bob were living on the East Coast, so Don and Reba drove across the country to see them.  They kept a diary of their trip, and I’ll do my best to decipher their notes.  They appear to have left home at 5:00 AM on September 10.  There is a note on the first page: “N.York – Lookup Kent’s garage 45th Street.  Ask for Charlie’s Dad’s brother in law – Chet Harris.”

Many of you have seen the first picture at Celilo Falls, along the Columbia.  They were there at 7 Am.  They arrived in Spokane at 12:50.  The drove 226 miles on 13.2 gallons of gas, getting 17.1 miles to the gallon.

They then enter a cryptic note: “Wallace Idaho 9/11/55.  4:30 Kid threw rock shattering windshield also chipped paint on hood. 5 PM at Farmers Insurance, Norman Johnson, Agent.”

Arrived Missoula 7:30 PM, 581 miles from Portland.

Left Missoula 6 AM.  2:30 gassed Billings, arrived at Sheridan Wyoming 5:10

This picture is outside of Sheridan. September 13, Left Sheridan 6:00 AM.  8:15 gas at Gillette, Montana.  Arrived Murdo S.D. 5 PM.  431 miles.  Gas average to date 18.4

Left Murdo 5:45.  Took pictures at Mt. Rushmore on the 14th.

Rapid City South Dakota 1:45 PM

Sunrise Presho South Dakota 6:15 AM

Arrived Oregon, Wisc at 8 PM  Mileage 663.

The next part of the trip will take them to Niagara Falls and finally reach the East Coast.