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That’s Mark when he was 4.  That’s San Francisco behind him!  It’s 1964, when the cars were wide enough not to roll over on the slope.


We’re breaking out of here, see?  They haven’t built a fence that can keep me in!

Here’s the plan.  When the Oregonian guy drives by to deliver the paper, we’ll jump in the back of his truck, and we’re in the next county before they know we’re gone!

It’s going to be hard to hide in all this white!

I’m one, we’re in Lyons.  It’s still a quiet town, if you can call it a town!

Here’s Mark and me with Mom.  Not sure where we were.  It’s 1964, so we’re 4 and 7.  Mom’s 35.

Here we are ready to leave Klamath Falls for our 1964 trip to California.  That’s our Eugene next door neighbor Kathy Lundquist who came with us on the trip.

Lina and Will

A couple shots of Ed that I hadn’t seen before, also from the same group of snapshots.

I wouldn’t know where to start with this collection!  They are still from the Westersund snapshot collection, but there is no reason to believe they are all Westersunds.

These are all unlabeled, and I can only guess that they are similar vintage to the previous ones.  If I was to guess, they might all be Helen, or maybe Reba in the center one?  Someone must have better guesses than me!

This is another one from the Westersund snapshot series that was labeled.  Vic looks a bit older than the first few photos that started this blog back in December.




These are from a series of slides that Don evidently copied from a family album or other collection of photos.  They are labeled Westersund snapshots in his file book.  Some are labeled with names, most are not, so the next few days may be a challenge for all of us!