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Boat trip

Fishing Village

Uncle August, Aunt Ida, Greta, Anna, Val and Gun


Wilhelm’s Summer Villa, Natihamn, also Elsa’s.

Beach at Elsa’s

Helena and Leif Kolander’s Summer Villa

Sunset at Natihamn

These are from a boat trip to Tampere and Hameenlinna.

Church at Munsala

This is labeled “Mom’s Home, Paul’s house”.  I’m hoping one of you can explain?

Sidney and Alma Carlstadt’s home.  I know everyone is a cousin of some sort, but beyond that I’ve gotten lost on this trip!

Grandpa Westersund’s home

Uncle August’s home, with Helen, Gun, Valborg, Ida, Harriet and August

Gun and Valborg

Uncle Wilhelm’s family at Elsa’s home

Uncle August and Aunt Ida

At John Westersund’s Summer home

This must have been their first glimpse of Finland from the plane.

These next two pictures are of Tage’s Farm.  I think that’s Tage driving the tractor, with Jonny standing.  Tage is Val and Gun’s father, and Jonny is their younger brother.

This next picture is labeled “Boy’s Home”.

These last two are labeled Fran and Walt Hagbloom Summer House

I’m not sure why we don’t have any pictures of the three of them on bicycles.

I recognize the Hotel Grand in this picture.  I stayed there twice during my first trip to Europe in 1986.  It was memorable because the room had a TV, and we got to watch a broadcast of the Last Night at the Proms, from the Royal Albert Hall in London.  If you haven’t seen the Last Night at the Proms, you need to watch!  But I digress.

And of course it wouldn’t be Copenhagen without the Little Mermaid.

And tomorrow, we’ll be off to Finland with our travelers!


In July of 1968, Helen, Reba and Harriet went to visit the relatives in Finland!  They evidently had a several-day lay-over in Copenhagen.  Grandma brought me a nail clipper shaped like a Royal Guard!


Near as I can tell from hunting around on the web, these two photos are of the Rosenberg Castle.  That’s Helen in the white sweater and pink dress.

This is a better shot of Helen.

I was a ring bearer, or train bearer, in someone’s wedding, in Willamina.  I was probably 5 at the time.

That’s Mark in the white hoodie, me in the red, and Roger in the cool cap!  Roger lived across the street from us in Willamina.  I’m told I would stand at the fence and yell for Roger to come over to play.  “Roger!”

The one story about Roger that I do remember had to do with his pocket knife  (even more cool).  We were at the corner behind our house, and he was showing me how the knife could cut on the telephone pole.  At some point we looked up at the top of the pole, and saw, to our shock and dismay, the pole was moving!  We had cut it, and it was going to fall!

We ran as fast as we could to tell Mom, who I’m sure followed us out with some haste, only to point out to us that the pole wasn’t moving, the clouds in the sky were!  What a relief!