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I’m obviously amazed by my first cousin!  Chris doesn’t seem as happy about meeting me.  Carolyn couldn’t be happier!  And Grandma is thrilled.


Same outing as yesterday’s shots on the Santiam:

I’ve had the Melmac dishes since I left home after college.  Grandma Reba on the left with Uncle Bob.

If you look closely, you’ll see that I was more into keeping my eye on the target, than really paying attention to what I was throwing!

I suspect this is along the Santiam River, near Lyons.  We’ve seen a black and white shot of this outing with Bob holding onto my straps.

Following last week’s effort to shine the spot light on the younger siblings, this first picture illustrates how hard it really is!  Chris, are you purposely pushing Suzie into the shadow?

Here we have Grandma Reba holding her youngest grandchild:

Judging by the package in the corner of this photo, this is Christmas 1962:


Mark in Grandma’s kitchen…just a tad under-foot!

Here he is surrounded by the toys that we grew up with at Grandma and Grandpa Campbells:

Sitting on the bed, surrounded by a lot of clothes!  That seal is on the bookcase in my basement.

What a guy!

This is my third birthday.  I’m holding Roger, named for the boy across the street!  For the picture of the real Roger, click here.

I’m looking pretty stylish in cuffed wool trousers.

Jerry and Shirley’s wedding shower, at Helen and Clark’s, judging by the piano!

I’m not sure what Jerry just realized in the second photo…or if it’s something his mother just told him!

Clark in his natural habitat! This is in 1964.


Mom holding Mark.  This is labeled “about February 1960”