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Maybe Val remembers where this was taken, or someone recognizes the location?  I’m thinking Lake Oswego?



Since this is dated 1970, and she’s dressed in blue, I’m guessing this is High School graduation!


Dad in Grants Pass, in the middle of a painting project at church.  Judging by the sideburns, I’m guessing this is the early 1973 or so.


I think Mark is getting ready to paddle out into Klamath Lake in a canoe.  This was at a cabin owned by our neighbors in Grants Pass.  It would have been in the early 1970s.

You could probably have guessed who’s annual card would be next!

None of these are dated, and I’ve taken my best guess at the chronological order.  We’ll let them correct me if I’ve mixed them up!

This year’s letter from Bob was delivered by the postman during the second quarter of  Saturday’s Civil War game, while the Beavers were still keeping up with the Ducks.


That’s Mom and Bob, and I’m guessing Dick, and they are at Crater Lake?

Just to confuse everyone, the couple in the center appear to have just gotten married, judging by the corsages, but you probably don’t know them.  The couple to  the right of them are my folks.  I think this is in Boston, when Dad was in Seminary.  1955, or so?

these are from our 2004 trip to Spain…she was quite excited to find all the shoes!

Forty years ago!


Chris, is that your Grandma Ferne holding you?