One of my oldest memories of Grandpa’s slides was from summer evenings when we’d be visiting them, and hed pull out the projector and screen, load a few trays with slides, and with the sounds of Yukon Street coming through the screen door, and Mark and me in our pajamas, we’d settle in for a slide show.  My favorite ones, and the ones I remembered when I realized I’d inherited the collection, were these from the Zoo!

In the 50’s and 60’s, the Portland Zoo looked quite different than it does now.  The modern forms and colors are long forgotten.

I can’t help but think that my love of the zoo, and eventual path into architecture, was influenced by these sexy colorful ramps and islands.

I’ve always been torn by the current indoor penguin exhibit.  These dapper critters look happy outside.

When Packy was born in April of 1962, I remember Grandma and Grandpa taking me to see him, on what I assume was Easter Sunday, a week later.  Of course we encountered a crowd getting into the parking lot, but Grandpa knew a way in from the top, through Washington Park, so we got to see Packy after all.  Years later, with Molly and Andrea in tow, we went to the Zoo for Packy’s birthday, and found another crowd;  Portland love’s it’s favorite son!  Remembering Grandpa’s second effort, we headed for Washington Park, this time to catch the zoo train.  The train got as far as the elephant yard when it was time for Packy to have his cake, and stopped.  We had first row seats for the cake eating!