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Before email and Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, they wrote actual letters, weekly!  And they evidently washed the windows a lot.


This second envelope is empty, and apparently never opened…quite an extravagance!



img181This is Molly, my oldest, on the birthday she got a cowboy hat!  She’ll have to remind us how old she was then.


This is really a classic view of Andrea from her earliest years.  For those of you still trying to figure out this family tree, Andrea is my baby…now counting the days until she turns 21 in April!

img126 1958

That’s me sitting in the Lyon’s sun.  Dad favors flannel-lined pants now…


img177 img178

These two photos are my folk’s first apartment in Boston.  There’s Uncle Bob on the book shelf!  The turntable is sitting on top of what eventually became my toy box!  It’s in my basement right now, with a different record player sitting on it.  I suspect those are several sets of Stan Kenton 45s in the cabinet, which are also in my basement.


This is where they lived their second year, in Revere Beach.  Great bunch of cars!

img180I’m guessing this is the budget for my folk’s wedding.  In today’s dollars, the total would b $3,900.  Who knew the florist was doing so well!

img129 Denise img128 Denise

This is Mark and I with Denise Bleything.  I think I mentioned her recently.  Her mom Helen was Maid of Honor and her Dad Wid was Best Man for Mom and Dad’s wedding.

This is in Willamina, and you can see how close the Parsonage is to the Church!  Church steps on the left, and the corner of the house on the right.

img125 1959 img124 1959Nope, I never became a Boxer!  1959 may have been the last time I wore a bow tie.

I think Mom kept a copy of the first photo in her billfold.  I remember when I was little, and getting restless in church, she would let me look at the photos she had in there.


Molly and Andrea, showing great reverence for a church by Alvar Aalto in Finland!  This was on our trip in 1998 to Finland and Italy.  Val will remember them singing in the back seat of her VW, all the way from Helsingfors to Jakobstad, and back again.  They sang and sang and sang!

Some of you may have seen this photo already on my other blog, but it’s been a while, and it certainly captures who they were at the time!  Click here to go to Sanslartigue if you aren’t already a follower.


This is me, on the approach to the Brooklyn Bridge, in 1986.