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img361Mom, Mark, Susanne, Ferne and Bob, with Carolyn in the mirror.


img349 molly 7 90

Charlie and Molly, August of 1990, which would make Molly 2 years old.

img354 john kaitlin molly thanksgiving 92Thanksgiving 1992, John Adelsich, Kaitlin Russel, and Molly McCarthy.  Such cute 4 year-olds!

img348 molly 8 90August 1990, Molly at Lincoln City, wearing her Salt Water Sandals from her Grandmother.

That looks like Carolyn and Bob in the background.

img301As with all good Thanksgiving gatherings, its soon time for a nap as Mark demonstrates here!


Maybe Grandpa was listening to the story Ferne was telling in yesterday’s post.

Thanksgiving 1980 or so.


I’m sure Ferne has just explained something, and Thelma isn’t quite sure whether to believer her or not.

This is from the same Thanksgiving as yesterday’s posting.


I think this is Thanksgiving 1980 or so.  Looks like they are fixing gravy.  That doesn’t look like a very big turkey, must have been a smaller gathering that year!

img347Here’s Mark, Mom, and Hank and Barbara Nelson.

This was  September 1984, in Berkeley.  My first wedding.

nineteenth street

Bob sent the following yesterday:

“Here is the house on SE 19th Street where Mom, Dad, Mary Lou and I lived for a year or so before moving to Yukon Street.  The house is on the east side of 19th, second house from the corner of Yukon.

I don’t remember anything about the inside of the house.  I think the neighbors to the north were Mr and Mrs Short.  Wid Bleything lived across the street and a few houses south. 

Last Sunday Suzanne and I drove past the house on Flanders – it hasn’t changed from the pics David took a few weeks a ago.”