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img380bHere Mom and Dad ran into the parents of Mark’s college roommate, Pete Hinck.  As Val mentioned a couple days ago, this is in Borga, east of Helsingfors.

Left to right: Val, Mom and Dad, Pete’s Mom and Dad, and Pete’s Uncle Kauko’s wife Riitva Roikola, and  Pete’s Cousins Helli and Pekka.




“Elsa Aman (born Cederlof), Annie Cederlof, Elsa’s mother.”



“Anna Skutnas (my aunt born Westersund), Ann Eriksson (born Westersund, sister of Viktor), Mary Lou, my sister Gun.  Viktor Westersund and Anna Eriksson are my mother’s cousins, and cousins of your grandmother Reba.”


From Val:

“Hans Aman, my Mother, and Viktor Westersund”

img386More from Val:

“Elsa’s daughter Mia (I think), Bror Skutnas (Anna’s husband), Hans Aman (Elsa’s husband)

img350 molly 18 months

Molly is 25 today.  Happy Birthday!


From Val:

“My parents Greta (born Westersund) and Tage Anderssen.  The hair and the eyeglasses down below belong to Helga Westersund, Viktor’s wife.”

Val thinks these next few were taken at Elsa’s house.


Val and Mom, waiting for Dad to catch up.


Obviously Dad was taking a picture of the stairs!  I now have a better understanding of my choices in photo subjects!


Mom and Val, looking very sanitary!