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img409Jerry was very pleased to find the school with his name on it!

img408Left to Right: Val, Tage, Gun, Greta, Jonas, Mikaela, Janne

img407 img404Gun and Val, evidently taking the visitors on a tour?

img406Anna is Greta’s sister.

img403Left to Right: Jerry, Dick, Tage, Tom, Greta, Maryann, Gun

img405Proud Parents of the Groom!

img402We’ll let someone else explain the significance of the greens.  Left to right: Val, Jussi, Tom, Gun, Maryann, Jonas and Dick.

It’s been a few weeks now, since Jerry loaned me some photos from his trip to Finland with Dick, Tom and Maryann in 1997 for Janne’s wedding to Mikaela.  I was out of town one weekend, then it took several weeks to get our new computer settled in and running, and here we are!

These pictures are of the Anderssen’s farm outside Jakobstad.

img398img399 img400 img401