IMG_7130 (800x600)First off, we were surprised at how busy the center of town seemed to be, but what do we know about small farming towns on a Summer Saturday.  We eventually discovered we arrived just in time for the 43rd Threshing Bee!

IMG_7129 (800x600)IMG_7123 (800x600)IMG_7124 (800x600)I don’t think this is the same Post Office as in 1953, where Dad had Box 16.  Dad told me that in one of the families that took him under their wing, the husband was a mail carrier with a rural route.  Dad got to ride with him on occasion and learned the roads around the countryside.  The mail boxes along the highway were so far from some of the farmhouses, the carrier would climb the telephone pole, clip on his phone handset, and call the people to let them know he’d just left a package in their box.