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img774 1961 img759 1961 img760 img761 img762 img763 img764 img765 img766 img767 img768 img769 img770 img771 img772 img7731961, and I think this is taken from the east side of SW 3rd, between Alder and Morrison, looking at where the “Fish” Garage is now.  The building on the right side of the last photo is still there.


img758 1960 img750 1960 img751 img752 img753 img754 img755 img756 img757It’s 1960, and we’re behind Lincoln High School on SW Salmon at 15th.  Seems like each year there is a float with Eskimos or Mermaids, sometimes one of each!

img749 1958 img737 1958 img738 img739 img740 img741 img742 img743 img744 img745 img746 img747 img748The parade in 1958 was watched from the corner of Broadway at SW Salmon.  This is one of my favorite sets because of all the little things that are different from what’s there now.  What are Glorified Hamburgers?  The Heathman Hotel entry is on Salmon instead of Broadway? Alan Ladd in “Proud Rebel” is at the Paramount.  Battleground has been entering floats since the beginning of time!  Of course the people sitting across the street from John Helmer wore hats to the parade!

img736 img718 1957 img719 img720 img721 img722 img723 img724 img725 img726 img727 img728 img729 img730 img731 img732 img733 img734 img7351957 and we’re on the corner of Broadway at SW Madison, where the Performing Art Center is now.  Look closely and you’ll see men dressed in suits and ties, women with hats. ” The Monster that Challenged the World” was playing at the Paramount.

img717 1956 img716 19561956 evidently didn’t catch Grandpa’s attention, since he only took 2 photos.  This is near the same corner as last year, but other side of the street.  That’s the Masonic Temple that is now part of the Portland Art Museum.  I assume the second photo is of the Royal Court and the Rose Queen.  18 year old girls looked older in 1956!

Click on the photos to get a larger view, and check out the audience and what they are wearing.




img709 1955 img710 img711 img712 img713 img714 img715 19551955 finds us at the corner of SW 10th and Main.  Kool-Aid was a nickle.  Flying A and Chevron Stations on the corners.  A VW Beetle nosing into the first photo.  The St. Francis Hotel has been rebuilt since then.

Since this is Thanksgiving Week, we’ll cover a few more years of parades in the coming days.

img803Molly and me, on her new stool I built for her second Christmas.  This was about 6 weeks after she had open heart surgery.  She’s looking pretty chipper!  1989 in Baltimore.

img804Andrea in the Living Room on Yukon Street.  1993.


img800 img799Chris and Sue on the front steps on Yukon Street, in 1965.

img775 1961 img776 1961The top one is me, and that’s Mark in the second photo.  The slide is labeled Fogarty Creek, which is just north of Depoe Bay.  This is 1961.