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img829 1981 (1024x672)This is probably at Camp Magruder near Rockaway on the Oregon Coast.  It’s 1981.


img831 copy 8 img831 copy 9Bob and Hank Reese put their heads together on these.  They came up blank on the first picture, but agreed on the second: Beverly Harshberger, Trilby Schultz and Mary Johnstone.

As Bob has always claimed you got to graduate from Llewellyn when you learned how to spell it!  Mom and Bob, and Molly and Andrea are all graduates.

img845a img846aBob says he can name himself and Reba and Mary Lou:  “I think the boy my age is the youngest of the Trondson family.  I wonder if part of the group is Aunt Emma’s family from Topeka, Kansas.  If so, two of the kids on the Serpent would be Gloria Hines and her brother George Ashworth and the man on the right her father.  The woman on the left may be he mother Ruth who was Aunt Emma’s niece.”

img842b img840a img839a img837aI’m guessing that these are from the Astoria – Megler Ferry.  I find it very strange that I haven’t found any photos of the ferries themselves!  For those of you younger than me, these ferries were how you crossed the Columbia River at Astoria before the bridge was built.  For those of you who know me, you know how I hate to cross that bridge!  Maybe its a love of boats instead of a fear of heights?  Of course I got sick on both crossings of the English Channel.  Maybe I’m a Chunnel person and just don’t know it.

img883 (625x1024)Mom at the Rhododendron Garden in Eugene.

img882 (669x1024)This is at the top of Smith Tower, in Seattle, Summer of 1977.  Mom, Mark and Dad.

img885a (717x1024) img886a (1024x720)Grandma and Grandpa Campbell near the mouth of the Columbia, at the South Jetty, or near the Peter Iredale.

I think this was in the early 70s.

img890 (681x1024)img889 (676x1024)img888 (636x1024)


img891 (1024x677)I recall Dad was as displeased as he looks here!  This was at a cabin at the beach, probably Summer of 1977.

img862a (800x497) img865a (800x497) img851a (800x466)