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img958a (1024x781)This was in the batch of photos that Bob brought over from Imogene’s collection.  I don’t think I’ve seen this photo before, very candid!

I can see the church steps from my bus stop each morning.  Seems odd to have spent most of my life moving around, to have now lived in Moreland/Sellwood for 23 years!


img970a (1006x1024)

img972a (1024x790) img974a (1024x776) img971a (970x1024)

img973a (1024x992)Meier and Frank having a sale!  Imagine.  Mom reading, and Mark waiting for something to happen.

img976a (1024x790)We were lucky to not lose the motor in the lake!

img978a (877x1024)Dad always seemed to be able to take a nap anywhere, at anytime.  He still can!

img979a (1024x795) img977a (1017x1024) img975a (1012x1024) img969a (1017x1024)This was one summer up at Rocky Point on the west side of Lake Klamath.  We were using a house that was owned by neighbors in Grant Pass.  This was probably 1972 or 73.

img902a (683x1024)

This was at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, in April 1999.


img957a Imogene and ML (565x1024)Imogene with Mom

img963 Bob Imogene Carolyn 2007This was taken in 2007