img345 img344Not sure when or where, and I had to go back through most of the blog to make sure I hadn’t used these already.  I’m pretty sure these weren’t posted before.

I don’t think I knew when I started this that it would last so long, and I would have so many pictures to share.  The stories from you all have been priceless.  You can probably tell that I’m getting to the bottom of the collections, and it takes a bit more work to find unshared photos.  Some segments of my family have been richer in images, but the memories are spread pretty evenly.

As a hint to looking at this blog, if you click on a name at the bottom of this page, you can see every post with that name.  You can also use the search window down there to search for some key words and first names.

Don’t worry, we’re not done yet!  It’s March, my favorite month, and there are still photos left!