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img449aHappy Birthday, Molly!  Grab the world by the horns, give it the old raspberry, and charge off in search of the next challenge 🙂


img009Yes, that’s me at the Getty Center in LA.

img028aHope everyone is having a great 3-day weekend.  Since this is the traditional start to summer, here’s a photo from about 10 years ago on a grey day at the beach!  Molly and Andrea and me at the beach, probably at Neskowin.

IMG_7012 (1024x768)Robert and I in his neighborhood in Madrid, in 2011.  The little car got a big laugh from the two of us!

img008 (680x1024)Robert, Jane and David in Madrid.  I’ve known Robert since Baltimore.  Robert’s been in Madrid since 2003.  This was our 2004 trip.

That’s the famous statue of El oso y el madroño, meaning “the bear and the strawberry tree” which is located in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.  Each time we’ve been to Madrid, its in a different spot on the square.  Sort of like moving Portlandia every 7 years?

img049 img048Don and Reba at Mom and Dad’s in McMinnville.  Judging by the calendar, this was Christmas 1986.

img046Molly with a wet face!


img050 Mark with Thelma

img052With Don and Reba

img055And with Mom and Dad

Mark graduated from Springfield High School in 1978

img059At least when I’m sitting in an overstuffed chair!  Uncle Bob at Mom and Dad’s in McMinnville.  Probably Christmas, late 1980s.