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img206 santiam pass 57Santiam Pass.

I think we’ve seen similar photos from the end of previous vacation trips!


img205 shasta 57The 1957 vacation trip is winding to a close.  I’m assuming they are on their way to Klamath Falls.

img197 virginia city 57img201 virginia city 57 img199 virginia city 57 img202 virginia city 57img200 virginia city 57 img198 virginia city 57 img203 virginia city 57 img204 virginia city helen and reba 57Reba and Helen looking for something?  Does anyone know if that is Don and Reba’s car with the Oregon plates?

img196 clark tahoe 57 img194 tahoe 57 img195 helen and reba tahoe 57Clark walking back from the lake edge, and Helen and Reba getting some sun.

img193 carmel mission 57 img190 carmel mission 57 img191 carmel mission 57 img192 carmel mission 57I don’t recognize the other people in these shots.  Any guesses?

img187 monterey bay 57 img188 17 mile drive 57 img189 cypress on 17 mile drive 57The first photo is of Monterey Bay.  No pictures between the Rogue and Monterey!  The second and third photos are from the 17 Mile Drive.

img181 rogue river 57 img182 rogue river 57 img174 rogue river 57 img183 rogue river 57img185 helen and reba 57img186 rogue river 57It must have been a long day for it to be so dark at the dock!  That first photo seems like a classic Rogue shot from the 50’s!  That’s Helen and Reba in the next to last photo.

img180 rogue river 57 img179 rogue river 57 img178 rogue river 57 img177 rogue river 57 img176 rogue river 57 img175 rogue river 57Shots from Don, Reba, Helen and Clark’s trip up the Rogue in 1957

img173 gold beach 57I know it’s odd to start a vacation series with a sunset, but that’s the first one in the collection!  Don and Reba, Helen and Clark took a trip down to California and Nevada in 1957.

img170 img169Clark, Helen and Reba at the Astor Column.  These weren’t dated, but I suspect they are from 1958.