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img326 Short Sands Beach 1959 img327 Short Sands Beach 1959 img328 Short Sands Beach 1959 img329 Short Sands Beach 1959 img330 Short Sands Beach 1959 img331 Short Sands Beach 1959Short Sand Beach is at Oswald West State Park on the Oregon Coast.  According to the map, that’s Smuggler Cove.


img317 leaving VictoriaOn the ferry leaving Victoria.

img318 Crescent Lake WnThe rest of these are at Crescent Lake in Washington.  According to Google Maps, Lake Crescent is just southwest of Port Angeles.

img319 Crescent Lake Wn img320 Crescent Lake Wn

img311 Empress Hotel img313 img314 img315 img316The first and last photos are of the Empress Hotel.

I’m not sure about the gentleman at the news stand.  An impressive array of Movie magazines!

img308 Sannich Inlet from Malahat DriveThis is Saanich Inlet, north of Victoria.

img309 Qualicum BeachQualicum Beach, north of Nanaimo.

img310 Campbell River BCCampbell River.

img312img298 Butchart Garden img299 Butchart Garden img300 Butchart Garden img301 Butchart Garden img302 Butchart Garden img303 Butchart Garden img304 Butchart Garden img305 Butchart Garden img306 Butchart Garden img307 Butchart GardenI remember Butchart Gardens having a billboard along I-5, (between Salem and Portland ?).  I may have visited as a child, but don’t remember it.  Jane and I took Molly and Andrea there maybe 12 years ago. We had High Tea.  Stayed for the light show / fire works after dark.

img290 img291 img292 img293 img294 img295 img296 img297A harbour full of vintage boats seems less notable than streets full of vintage cars, but then I’m not much of a boat person.

img282 victoria beach drive img283 victoria beach drive img284 victoria beach drive img285 victoria beach drive img286 victoria beach drive

These are all taken along Beach Drive which runs along the shore from Sidney to Victoria.  Much more picturesque than the highway you take now.

img276 orcas islandI’ll have to look for more info on the ferry route from Port Angeles to Sidney.  The only one I’ve taken is direct to Victoria on the Black Ball ferry.  This is passing Orcas Island.

img277 orcas islandimg278img279img280 ferryimg281Grandma on the lookout.  Orcas or Sidney?  I think those are the binoculars that I have, with a new strap.

img273 to Sidney from Port AngelesDon and Reba trekked off to Victoria BC in July of 1959.  According to the notes on the slides, they sailed on a Washington State Ferry from Port Angeles to Sidney.


img321 Esther Morton Marie Kronquist 1959bIt seems like a day trip up to Timberline and back by way of Multnomah Falls, or vice-versa, is a long standing tradition around here!  These photos are from June or July 1959.  This first one is labeled “Esther, Morton, Marie Kronquist 1959”  I don’t recall that I’ve ever heard the names.

img322Of course that’s Reba on the left.

img323 Multnomah Falls 1959 img324It’s rare that Grandpa took two of the same shot.  He must have realized that the car got into the first picture “by accident”.  Of course he didn’t realize that some of the most animated discussions on this site would involve identifying the car!

img325 Reba Marie Esther bI love the lighting in this last shot.  Fading afternoon and evening sun in the Gorge can be quite stunning, as long as you aren’t trying to drive into it with a dirty windshield.

I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t get any shots closer to the bottom of the falls, or more shots around Timberline Lodge, but I’m probably putting my digital shooting architect in his shoes.  I just got back from a week in NYC with 1800 photos.  I’ll spare you most of them!