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On the far left of this photo you can see a couple of telephone poles.  One of those poles is the one Roger and I cut down!

Roger, in the cool striped hat in the picture below, lived across the street.  One morning, he showed me his pocket knife, and wanted to show me how it cut.  We took turns cutting the telephone pole.  At some point, after a few cuts apiece, one of us happened to look up at the top of the pole.  It was moving!  We ran really fast into the kitchen to get Mom.  “We cut down the pole, it’s falling, we didn’t mean to cut it down!”  She followed us out back to the pole, looked at what we had cut, and asked us why we thought we had cut it down.  We pointed at the top of the pole.  “See, it’s moving!”  She looked, and I’m sure she smiled.  “Those are the clouds that are moving, not the pole!”  “Oh!”

I don’t remember if we got in trouble for playing with the knife.

img777Mark and me in hooded sweatshirts, and rubber boots.


IMG_6205bThose back steps led to Dad’s office in the church.  They were the tallest flight of steps I had ever seen until we moved away when I was 5.  They were tall and scary and led not only to books that were too good to keep in the house with a 5 year old and a 2 year old, but they may have also led to my fear of heights!

img129 Denise IMG_6193bThat first picture is me and Mark, and Denise Bleything.

IMG_6227bBack yards in Oregon don’t ever look their best in January.

img119 1958 img300 david and mark november 61It looked pretty sparse even then.  This is the back yard where I followed my dad while he was mowing the lawn, where I tripped and my little finger hit the top of the lawn mower.  I can still just make out the scars on my little finger.

IMG_6214bThe past five decades have not improved this little town!

IMG_6225bThis is the porch where Mark and I stood almost 55 years ago!

img161 mark and davidI do see that they’ve added a railing to the porch.

img779 bob and Jayne TeagueBob and Jayne Teague.

In addition to the matching shirts, do correctly I recall a knit pair of socks?