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img951a ML on Aunt Ted porch Seaside (681x1024) img952a ML and Imogene (683x1024)

Mom and Imogene on the porch at Aunt Ted’s in Seaside.  The house was still there when we lived in Seaside, but was gone the last time I drove down Broadway heading east.



img957a Imogene and ML (565x1024)Imogene with Mom

img963 Bob Imogene Carolyn 2007This was taken in 2007

img962 Don and ImogeneThis was taken at Calaroga Terrace, which would make it the early 1990s.

img955a ML (1024x615) img954a Imogene and ML St Helens (1024x616) img953a Imogene ML and Taglalong (1024x601)This is the group of photos that were taken in St. Helens.  The cat’s name is Tagalong.

img952a ML and Imogene (683x1024) img951a ML on Aunt Ted porch Seaside (681x1024)Mom and Imogene, on the front porch at Aunt Ted’s in Seaside.  Imogene is Don’s cousin.

Aunt Jack’s house, on South Main, in Warrenton.  The house was built by her sister Lulu (Aunt Lu) and Gavin Catto.  Aunt Jack was Leona Wible.  This is what the house looked like in 1999.

img310 aunt jacks house

These pictures below were taken in 2012.  Obviously someone was fixing it up.  The sun porch is now closed off.

IMG_0595 IMG_0594

You can understand from these pictures why I will miss that porch! I don’t remember the inside of the house.

img283 me at aunt jacks img284 aunt jack


Helen, Mary Lou, Aunt Lu, Reba, and Aunt Jack.

This is the patio behind the garage on Yukon Street.

I recognized Aunt Jack, but wasn’t sure about Lu.  Bob rescued me again: “I’m pretty sure that is Aunt Lu with Aunt Jack (can’t find my copy of the pic–must be in an album that Suzanne has).  Aunt Lu Catto was Judy Mark’s grandmother (Imogene is her daughter).  The Warrenton house that we always referred to as Aunt Jack’s, was really Aunt Lu’s.  At Carolyn’s service Judy and Gary stayed afterwards to “spruce up” Aunt Lu and her husband Gavin’s plots.  Gavin must have died in the late 30s and from early 40s Aunt Lu shared the house with Aunt Jack.  When Aunt Lu died, Jack continued to live there until she moved to the care center in Seaside.  Shortly afterwards Imogene sold the house.”