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img114 12 1981Christmas 1981, Rockville, Maryland.

Lyndsie, Tom, me, Harriet, Randy, Maryann, Jayne, Dick and Cindy.  Gene is behind the camera.


img360 kaitlin molly don 8 90Kaitlin and Don console Molly!

img354 john kaitlin molly thanksgiving 92Thanksgiving 1992, John Adelsich, Kaitlin Russel, and Molly McCarthy.  Such cute 4 year-olds!

img308Lyndsie and Cindy with Aunt Maryann

img262 101180

Maryann and Randy, with Harriet and Gene

img264 101180October 1980.  They were both so young!  A few more pictures from that event in the coming days.