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This is somewhere along the Klickitat River, in 1967.

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I’m not sure of the occasion, either Mom and Dad’s wedding, or Bob and Carolyn’s.  That’s Aunt Jack on the left, Nelle Sigurdson in the middle, and Kathryn Harris on the right.

I do like the hat on the women behind Jack!

In response to my question, Bob answered with the following:

“Aunt Nelle is an old friend of the Campbell/Townsend families, living in Warrenton.  She was married to Fred Sigurdson, one of the family that founded Bell Buoy Crab in Seaside.  I don’t know how/when her husband died — he was never here in my lifetime.  Aunt Nelle eventually moved to Portland and she lived in a small house at 4712 NE 24TH where she had a great flower garden.  I remember that before Memorial Days she and Dad would compare what they had to bring down to Ocean View Cemetery.  She would then ride down with us, sitting between Mary Lou and me.  During the forties Aunt Nelle operated a pottery shop — the California Pottery that Mark has came from Aunt Nelle’s shop. Each of us had our own pottery mug–mine was green, Mary Lou’s an orangey Red, Mom had blue and Dad’s was white.  We did not share our mugs!”

“Shortly after Carolyn and I were married she had us over for waffle dinner and made from her famous sour dough starter.  She served them with her home-made syrup which seared the roof of my mouth.”

“Carolyn got  some  of the starter and for many years we had sour dough waffles, then one year when we were living up in Marysville, Wa.,  Ferne came up to stay with the girls while we went up to Victoria.  When we returned Ferne proudly showed Carolyn that she had cleaned the refrigerator and had gotten rid of that smelly stuff in the small jar.  Bye bye sour dough waffles.”

“Unfortunately her health and Mom’s went down at about the same time and Dad had trouble keeping in touch with her.  I think she was living in a rest home out on NE 82nd when she died.  The name Jennie Rawson shows in the old address book–possibly a niece.”