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img210 img211These two match this one.

I’m thinking it might be Bob, based on the top picture?

img208Another picture of unknown characters.  I recall this was in a batch of photos that Jerry loaned me several years ago, but he had no recall of who these fellows might be.  I assume this is on the docks in Astoria.

img198 down at seaside on the fourthI’m pretty sure I’ve posted this one before for the 4th.  This is labeled “Down at Seaside on the Fourth”.  I don’t recall whether anyone identified everyone here, but I do love all the hats!

img035aOne more in this week’s series of “Anyone know who this guy is?”  I’m not even sure who’s collection of photos this one is from.  I’ve always liked it, so it’s been sitting on a shelf for a few years.  It’s a very little print, so it’s tough to enlarge with any resolution.


img033aI’ve been studying famous photographers of the early 20th Century, and this seems like such a classic street photo, but I have no idea who this guy is!  It’s probably in Seattle, judging by the slope of the street in the background.  Any guesses?

img032a (601x1024)I came across a few photos that have no clue who is in them, but I like the photos, so maybe someone will recognize someone!  These three guys were taken at Wedekin Studio in Astoria.

IMG_0600a (1006x1024)IMG_0601 (1024x768)For some Astoria sights, you can check in on Sanslartigue this week, just click here!

img842b img840a img839a img837aI’m guessing that these are from the Astoria – Megler Ferry.  I find it very strange that I haven’t found any photos of the ferries themselves!  For those of you younger than me, these ferries were how you crossed the Columbia River at Astoria before the bridge was built.  For those of you who know me, you know how I hate to cross that bridge!  Maybe its a love of boats instead of a fear of heights?  Of course I got sick on both crossings of the English Channel.  Maybe I’m a Chunnel person and just don’t know it.

img862a (800x497) img865a (800x497) img851a (800x466)