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img831a (800x487)Is that Jerry?


img409Jerry was very pleased to find the school with his name on it!

img407 img404Gun and Val, evidently taking the visitors on a tour?

img406Anna is Greta’s sister.

img403Left to Right: Jerry, Dick, Tage, Tom, Greta, Maryann, Gun



“Anna Skutnas (my aunt born Westersund), Ann Eriksson (born Westersund, sister of Viktor), Mary Lou, my sister Gun.  Viktor Westersund and Anna Eriksson are my mother’s cousins, and cousins of your grandmother Reba.”


From Val:

“Hans Aman, my Mother, and Viktor Westersund”


From Val:

“My parents Greta (born Westersund) and Tage Anderssen.  The hair and the eyeglasses down below belong to Helga Westersund, Viktor’s wife.”

Val thinks these next few were taken at Elsa’s house.

img324 trinity lutheran img325This was the Westersund family church, along with the other Swede Finn Lutherans in Astoria.

img318 vic westersund house

This is Grandpa Westersund’s house, at 1343 9th St in Astoria in 1999.


img321 img320