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img537Hazel, Tom, Margaret and Thelma

You can read about Hazel Hilson Wehr Houle by clicking on the Starting with me tab at the top of this page.  Her granddaughter shed some light on their family.img536 img535 img538Hazel, Bob and Margaret Wylie and Thelma.

Anyone confused yet?


Hazel Hilson Wehr, Tom Hilson and Margaret Hilson Wylie.

Tom, Thelma, Hazel, Margaret and Bob Wylie

And add Barbara, Margaret and Bob’s daughter, and her kids in front, Barry, Karen and Scott

They’re sure happy about something!  My Grandma and my Great Aunt Margaret, Tom’s sister and Barbara’s mom, for those of you still keeping track.  This is in front of Margaret and Bob’s house in Forest Grove.

Barbara Wylie Nelson, Tom’s niece, Bob and Margaret Wylie’s daughter.

Grandma and Grandpa Hilson celebrate their 25th Anniversary in 1966

Thelma and Tom, and Margaret and Bob Wylie.  Margaret is Tom’s sister.

Mom and Dad, Mark and I with Grandma and Grandpa

Mom cutting the cake

Tom, Margaret, Barbara, Thelma, Charlie at a daffodil farm near Forest Grove.  Barbara recalls “plants were raised for the bulbs, so we got to pick the blossoms free!”



Dad on the beach at Twin Rocks, 1948

Tom, either in a kilt, or keeping warm!

Dad and his cousin Barbara Wylie Nelson on the dock at Camp Magruder.  Barbara, Tom’s Niece,  has been sharing more family photos from their side of the family, including these.

My Grandparents Tom and Thelma Hilson and Margaret and Bob Wylie, my Great Aunt and Uncle.  Margaret is Tom’s sister.  It’s Thanksgiving 1952 in Forest Grove.