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Mom and Bob, with Jerry.  Bob looks as thrilled about Jerry as I did about my Chris!


This is the 3″ by 4″ picture of my great grandparents that everyone on that side of the family had on a bookshelf or on the piano when I was growing up.  I don’t recall that anyone ever told me who they were, but I probably just wasn’t paying attention!

Thomas and Mary Hilson are Tom’s parents.  Very stylish folks!

Ed and Marie Westersund on the golf course, and  at the beach.  Now we know why Jerry is the golfer in the family!

Mark and me on his first birthday, maybe.  That’s the front porch of the parsonage in Willamina.  The brownie was my mom’s when she was a girl, and it was my first camera starting when I was 6 or so.

That’s my new cousin Christie.   Christmas 1960.  On Yukon Street.

Thomas Hilson, Tom Hilson’s father, in highland regalia.  He played fiddle in a Scottish dance band.  They sure knew how to pose for pictures in those days!

This photos was shared with me by Val:

“There was a family portrait from 1959 with lots of relatives. It was by the way taken by the same Bojan Westersund! I remember that occasion, too. It was taken because at that time Aunt Lina in Astoria quit writing Christmas cards to everybody in Finland. She sent money to my grandparents and told them to invite the relatives for coffee and wish them Merry Christmas. As you may remember, the Hult was not big enough for that, but my home Nyhalla was, and my mother was capable. So she invited the Westersund family and made the coffee. We were about 35 people for family coffee, according to remains of the picture I have. The picture was sent to Aunt Lina in Astoria as proof.

When I asked Val if this was her, she replied:

“Exactly, this is our Grandfather’s 70th birthday! I still vaguely remember the photo session. The picture is taken in the same chair on practically the same spot as your previous picture with August, Ida, my mother Greta and sister Anna.  Our dresses on the picture were made by our mother, they were highest fashion, light blue and also the bows.  The photographer of this picture is a second cousin of mine, and also of your mother’s, Kristina ‘Bojan’ Westersund, daughter of John and granddaughter of Johannes and Eva Westersund at Hult. Bojan married Hansen and lives on the Åland islands. Her brother Ronny still lives in Jakobstad, not far from my place there. I see him once in a while on town when I go shopping or such.”

Dad’s cousin Barbara has given me the names of the Hilson clan sitting here!

Top L to R: Jeanie Hilson Harris, John Hilson, Tom, Hazel Hilson Wehr

Middle L to R: Margaret Hilson Wylie (Barbara’s mom), Alice Hilson Marsh, Mary Hilson Ryder

Front L to R: Sadie Hilson Hains, Tom and Mary, Dora Hilson Farland

(There was an older daughter, Jessie, who died early in childbirth)