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When Bob was born, they lived at 2514 NE Flanders in Portland.  Jane and I drove by Thursday after work, and found this view:


Here’s the house at 2514:


Looks like the same sidewalk heading around the corner of the house.  Not sure about that tree.


img294 img293

Bob and Mary Lou, back in the water.  I don’t recognize the river.

img252 harriet oct 63This is dated October 1963


Not sure what year these are from.  Also, not sure about the pirates surrounding the fellas in dress whites!

img285aimg282aHere’s the Queen’s float with her court.


img286aThis looks like the Junior Court?  And who’s that sitting up the light pole?

These are taken at the corner of SW Broadway and Madison, behind First Congregational Church.  This is where the Portland Center for the Performing Arts is now.  In the second photo you can see the side of what is now the Schnitzer.

This is probably the late 50’s, maybe early 60’s?  I’ll have to check and see what year Grandpa started taking slides.  Those are all dated . . . something for you to look forward to!

img267 cindy lyndsie 1277

Cindy and Lyndsie, taken December 1977

img192 april 57

This picture of Reba says its from April 1957, right after I was born.  That’s quite the grin!

Bob’s looking for sneaker waves

img295 img296 img297


img268 lyndsie 62577 10days img266 lyndsie 62577 10days

Lyndsie joined big sister Cindy 3 years later.  She’s 10 days old here, taken June 25, 1977.

img289 img290

That looks like Dick being licked to death before he can subdue the wild beast!


Something has caught Bob’s attention!  Any idea who that is standing next to your sister?