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img639Don and Reba hosted a party to celebrate Bob and Katherine Harris’s 25th wedding anniversary in Fall of 1964.  I assume this is a collection of coworkers, neighbors and friends.

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img101 Kathryn Summer 60

Kathryn on her birthday

img088bMom and Dad at a wedding shower at Bob and Kathryn’s.  Mom’s dress is amazing!

Sorry about how fuzzy this one is.


img096 1957

Picnic in the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa Campbell’s house, with Mom and Dad, Bob and Kathryn, and Bob!  I can see Dad is sitting on one of the kitchen chairs, that I have!  I think Mark has the chairs that Bob is sitting in.

img069 Bob and Kathryn 1957 silver creek falls

Bob and Kathryn Harris at Silver Creek Falls State Park, in 1957.

img070 Kathryn and Skippy 1957 img071 kathryn and Skippy 1957

Kathryn Harris and her cat Skippy.  This was taken in 1957, and I remember Skippy as I was growing up, so I have no idea how old he got to be!

img010 1956 img008 1956

Christmas 1956 looks like a quieter year, maybe in preparation for years to come!  That’s Bob and Kathryn Harris joining Reba, Helen and Clark.


Some of you may complain about my including this one, but it’s one of the rare photos with Grandpa being included.  And double exposure’s are very arty these days!


I’m not sure of the occasion, either Mom and Dad’s wedding, or Bob and Carolyn’s.  That’s Aunt Jack on the left, Nelle Sigurdson in the middle, and Kathryn Harris on the right.

I do like the hat on the women behind Jack!


Reba, with Katherine and Bob Harris, at the McKenzie Pass Lava Fields

That’s Bob Harris cooking the bacon.  Grandma hands him some more, and Kathryn has the carton of eggs ready.  This must be before cholesterol was discovered!

They are up the McKenzie River in 1962.

At first, I couldn’t figure out why Grandpa had a sour look on his face.

Then I saw the next picture, and realized that Grandma made him sit at her place so she could get everyone in the picture.  Now I know where I get my suspicions about drinking out of the wrong cup!