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img108bSomeone will have to share the story of Ferne’s crutches.  She’s looking amazingly serene here!


img361Mom, Mark, Susanne, Ferne and Bob, with Carolyn in the mirror.


I’m sure Ferne has just explained something, and Thelma isn’t quite sure whether to believer her or not.

This is from the same Thanksgiving as yesterday’s posting.

img114 ferne and reba img115 ferne

The first slide is labeled “Cooks”.  The second one is simple labeled “Ferne”.  Ferne is Carolyn’s mother. That’s Reba with her.


Forty years ago!

I had to ask Bob who the gentleman on the right was: “The gentleman next to Ferne is A. C. (Alf) Johannesen.  Carolyn’s Dad died in 1955 just before our graduation and Carolyn asked Alf to “give her away” when we married.  Alf and his wife Esther were close friends of Ferne and John.  I think Alf and John went back to high school days–maybe earlier.  The two families often vacationed together.  Carolyn adored Alf.  He was very likable. Esther was one who felt it her duty to tell you how to run your life, but she and Ferne got along fine–I think Ferne just ignored her and certainly could talk over Esther.  We honeymooned at Johannesen’s place at Neahakanie–a very nice home that curiously was painted pink.  Alf and Esther felt the traditional gray was depressing.”

A belated Happy Anniversary!

That the only picture I can find of the happy couple at the wedding is one with cups in their hands seems very appropriate and celebratory.

Other than it being my second birthday, I’m not sure I really remember the wedding, but I am the last word in the newspaper.