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img637I guess the groomsmen were busy emptying the sanctuary?

Moreland Presbyterian is a block from my bus stop, so I get to see it every morning on my way to work.  You can see the front porch by clicking here.


img638Reba, Mom and Thelma

img633Thelma being escorted back down the aisle by Chet Cunningham.  I love finding pictures of Grandma with a big smile!



Father of the groom Tom Hilson, Dad, Father of the bride Don Campbell, Best Man Wid Bleythingimg561Earl Fedje, Dad and Wid flashing some secret Pacific University gang signs?


img537Hazel, Tom, Margaret and Thelma

You can read about Hazel Hilson Wehr Houle by clicking on the Starting with me tab at the top of this page.  Her granddaughter shed some light on their family.img536 img535 img538Hazel, Bob and Margaret Wylie and Thelma.

Anyone confused yet?


img528-middleton-ns-1967-bGrandma and Grandpa in Middleton, Nova Scotia, in 1967.  I’ll have to look a bit deeper for for more info on the Nova Scotia side of the family.  Dad and Loraine visited there, I know.


img534-john-robert-fred-fitch-hazel-balcom-mabel-sanford-mary-hartling-bJohn, Robert and Fred Fitch, and Hazel Balcom, Mabel Sanford and Mary Hartling.

These are Grandma Hilson’s siblings.  At least I’m pretty sure, based on their names.  In 1967, Grandma and Grandpa drove across the Trans-Canada Highway to Nova Scotia.



img050 Mark with Thelma

img052With Don and Reba

img055And with Mom and Dad

Mark graduated from Springfield High School in 1978


img497Everyone seems fascinated by Mark’s new watch,  Dad and Reba especially!  Thelma maybe less so, but not by much.



I’m sure Ferne has just explained something, and Thelma isn’t quite sure whether to believer her or not.

This is from the same Thanksgiving as yesterday’s posting.