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Dad’s helping out the Quilters in the church in Springfield.  Little did he realize this quilt was to be a gift to him and my mom!



Mom helping the Church Ladies with a rummage sale, I presume.  This is probably in Willamina, around 1960 or 61?


May you be prepared for all this day can mean!

This must be Christmas 1962, the year “everyone” came to Eugene.  This seems to be the only picture I can find of that year.  Mom has the table set, but I don’t remember ever having gifts on the plates.

img060 1960 img061 1960Mark with a cement mixer, and me with a garage!  It looks like Dad really needed new slippers that year!

img065 img062 img063 img064

That’s Baby Mark in Mom’s lap in the first photo, he’d be less than 2 months old.  That’s my first train…it was battery operated.  I’d almost forgotten about the knitted Santa on the door knob.

img056 1973 img055 1973 img054 1973

img057 1973We’ve skipped quite a few years to get to 1973!

img053 1965 img052 1965 img051 1965 img050 1965Christmas 1965 was in Seaside.  Chris and Sue are really working the matchy thing here!


img048 1964 img045 1964 img044 1964 img043 1964

img049 1964Christmas 1964 was the evidently the year of the Robe!  Things got a little blurry in a few of these photos, and Mom is exhausted by the end of the day!

img042 1963 img041 1963 img040 1963 img039 1963I’m not sure what happened in 1962…I’ll have to look for it.  1963 has all 4 grandchildren with Susie!

img038 1961 img037 1961 img036 1961 img035 19611961 looks like quite a Christmas…Etch-a-Sketch, Lincoln Logs and pistols!  And the Christmas tree is on the table, instead of the floor.

Everyone looks like they are dressed, except for Mark and I, and Mom.  Must be her turn next in the bathroom.