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Five years ago we drove by NE Flanders and found the house where the Campbells lived when Bob was born.  Jane and I were in the neighborhood last night for oysters, and afterwards walked around the corner and realized where we were.  Alas, the house is no more!

Incedently, the freshest seafood in town is at Flying Fish, in the Providore Market on NE Sandy at 24th.  Buy fish to take home, or stay for the raw oysters.


This is somewhere along the Klickitat River, in 1967.

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img637I guess the groomsmen were busy emptying the sanctuary?

Moreland Presbyterian is a block from my bus stop, so I get to see it every morning on my way to work.  You can see the front porch by clicking here.

img638Reba, Mom and Thelma


Uncle Bob escorting Reba, his mother, and the mother of the bride into the sanctuary.  They are definitely having a good time!img630Father of the bride and the bride!


Father of the groom Tom Hilson, Dad, Father of the bride Don Campbell, Best Man Wid Bleythingimg561Earl Fedje, Dad and Wid flashing some secret Pacific University gang signs?