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img679Molly and Andrea in Molfetta Italy.  July 1998.


img653 mom 1967June 1967.  Mom got to deliver one of the cars for the Miss Oregon Pageant from Portland to Seaside.  She evidently stopped off at her folks to show off!

img636 img637 clark img635Now I know where I got my fascination with overalls!


img652 march 65img651 march 65Left to right, Scott Lundquist, me, Jeff Yamanaka, and Mark.  Scott lived in the house on the west side of us in Eugene, and Jeff on the east.  This is from March 1965.

img649 thksgvng64Thanksgiving 1964 at Helen and Clark’s.  I don’t recognize the woman on the left.  There’s Reba, Helen, Aunt Jack and Clark.

img639Don and Reba hosted a party to celebrate Bob and Katherine Harris’s 25th wedding anniversary in Fall of 1964.  I assume this is a collection of coworkers, neighbors and friends.

img640 img641img642img647a

img643aReba, Carolyn and Bob on the ferry from Mukilteo to Whidbey, summer of 1964.

img644Carolyn and Bob, Susie and Chris on board.

img645 reba and sueReba and Susie on the island.

img646 ChrisChris is fascinated by the historical marker!

img634 oswald west aHelen and Clark, with Aunt Jack and Reba.

Summer 1964

img630 dick and maryann LOWDick is ready for some diving, and Maryann has settled for the flippers.

img629I’m not sure who that is with the cap on.  Is it Gene?

img631aimg632 clark at LOWClark looking very much at home in the woods!

img626a img627a img628 tom LOWSummer of 1964, at Lake of the Woods, near Klamath Falls.  The top picture is Tom and Maryann with Clark.  The second one is Reba and Harriet, and Tom in the bottom photo.

img624 img625