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img035aOne more in this week’s series of “Anyone know who this guy is?”  I’m not even sure who’s collection of photos this one is from.  I’ve always liked it, so it’s been sitting on a shelf for a few years.  It’s a very little print, so it’s tough to enlarge with any resolution.



img033aI’ve been studying famous photographers of the early 20th Century, and this seems like such a classic street photo, but I have no idea who this guy is!  It’s probably in Seattle, judging by the slope of the street in the background.  Any guesses?

img032a (601x1024)I came across a few photos that have no clue who is in them, but I like the photos, so maybe someone will recognize someone!  These three guys were taken at Wedekin Studio in Astoria.

img030 (1024x666)One more from Cascade Head!

Molly, Andrea and me.

Happy Easter, Passover and Spring!

img351 andrea 7 92This was taken July of 1992, when she was 3 months old.  Andrea was born on Easter Sunday.

img027 (685x1024)I don’t recall which birthday this was, but Andrea had a good time with her best friends at the time Kelsey and Elizabeth.  We went to Montage for dinner where they wrap the leftovers in foil animals.  Kelsey got a rabbit, Elizabeth a swan, and I can’t make out what Andrea got.  Maybe it’s a snail?

Someone got a giraffe.  Once the foil was empty, the giraffe ended up on a stake in the garden for many months.

?????????????????????? P3260023a (768x1024)Andrea in March 2007, visiting the building on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley where her mother lived in the 80s.

img029 (675x1024)Another picture from Cascade Head.  I bet Andrea wishes she still had those pants!

img031 (676x1024)Molly and me following Andrea down from the top of Cascade Head.  Click here for more of this hike.

img024 (1024x673)This is a companion photo to the one from last week!