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IMG_9844bThe owls that Aunt Jack made are still hanging in there, a bit worse for wear, but they reappear each Christmas, and find a safe spot deep within the branches of our tree.  These are an example of decorations older than I am!

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img649 thksgvng64Thanksgiving 1964 at Helen and Clark’s.  I don’t recognize the woman on the left.  There’s Reba, Helen, Aunt Jack and Clark.

img634 oswald west aHelen and Clark, with Aunt Jack and Reba.

Summer 1964

Helen and Clark’s yard was always a marvel.  Here they are with the dahlias.



That looks like Helen, Jack and Reba picking flowers:


Aunt Jack’s house, on South Main, in Warrenton.  The house was built by her sister Lulu (Aunt Lu) and Gavin Catto.  Aunt Jack was Leona Wible.  This is what the house looked like in 1999.

img310 aunt jacks house

These pictures below were taken in 2012.  Obviously someone was fixing it up.  The sun porch is now closed off.

IMG_0595 IMG_0594

You can understand from these pictures why I will miss that porch! I don’t remember the inside of the house.

img283 me at aunt jacks img284 aunt jack


img112 August 60 near Saddle Mtn

Summer of 1960 picnic near Saddle Mountain.  Helen, Aunt Jack, Reba, Marie and Clark.

img107They are a cute couple!

img108Mom serving them coffee.

img109 img105 img110That’s an almost 2 year old me getting decorated by Carolyn!  Aunt Jack looking bemused.  It’s probably too soon for Mom to know she’s pregnant with Mark.

img104 img103 img102I’ll let someone else fill in all the names of the relatives! Is that Kathy with Clark?  Marie, Lina and Will, I suspect.  I’d be guessing with the rest.

img087 fort clatsopJack and Reba at Fort Clatsop.

Aunt Jack at her house.  There’s one of the owls hanging from the light, just like the owls most of us grew up with hiding in our Christmas trees.  The needlepoint picture is very similar to one I have (hanging in the bathroom).


Here’s Reba helping her with some project!  And a sock monkey on the shelf.



img073 jack in portland a

Aunt Jack at Grandma and Grandpa Campbell’s in Portland.  The note on the slide says it was taken by R.D. Fairchild.