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img775This was taken in Baltimore, so Molly would have been between 1 and 2 years old in this picture.

img774-june-74This was probably used by the Grants Pass newspaper as he was leaving, or the Springfield paper for his arrival there.

img637I guess the groomsmen were busy emptying the sanctuary?

Moreland Presbyterian is a block from my bus stop, so I get to see it every morning on my way to work.  You can see the front porch by clicking here.

img638Reba, Mom and Thelma

img632 img634


Father of the groom Tom Hilson, Dad, Father of the bride Don Campbell, Best Man Wid Bleythingimg561Earl Fedje, Dad and Wid flashing some secret Pacific University gang signs?

img558 img559Left to right: Uncle Bob, Dorothy Taylor, Wid Bleything, Mom and Dad, Helen Bleything, Chet Cunningham, and Nancy Miller.

img557I’ve had loose photos from Mom and Dad’s wedding, but not the full album.  Some amazing pictures!

Here’s some of the same pictures and the newspaper articles.

img784Not sure where or when this was taken, other than there’s a note on the back thanking Dad for help with some furniture project, and signed D, and a “Hi to Mary Lou”