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img101 Kathryn Summer 60

Kathryn on her birthday


img114 ferne and reba img115 ferne

The first slide is labeled “Cooks”.  The second one is simple labeled “Ferne”.  Ferne is Carolyn’s mother. That’s Reba with her.


img112 August 60 near Saddle Mtn

Summer of 1960 picnic near Saddle Mountain.  Helen, Aunt Jack, Reba, Marie and Clark.

img113 Inspiration Pt LADon, Reba, Helen and Clark at Inspiration Point in Los Angeles.  This was a trip in 1960.

img107They are a cute couple!

img108Mom serving them coffee.

img109 img105 img110That’s an almost 2 year old me getting decorated by Carolyn!  Aunt Jack looking bemused.  It’s probably too soon for Mom to know she’s pregnant with Mark.

img104 img103 img102I’ll let someone else fill in all the names of the relatives! Is that Kathy with Clark?  Marie, Lina and Will, I suspect.  I’d be guessing with the rest.

img098 centennial img099 centennialThese were obviously posed to celebrate Oregon’s Centennial in February 1959.  Grandpa looks like he’s auditioning for a Grant Wood painting!  Bob proves that traditional, elegant menswear is timeless.  Grandma looks like she’s wearing the dress Queen Victoria wore in mourning for Prince Albert.

img087 fort clatsopJack and Reba at Fort Clatsop.

img088bMom and Dad at a wedding shower at Bob and Kathryn’s.  Mom’s dress is amazing!

Sorry about how fuzzy this one is.


img093 Mrs RydenThe slide is labeled Reba, Helen and Mrs. Ryden.  Maybe someone can fill us in on who Mrs. Ryden was.

img094 1955 Mrs Ryden

img095 ecola park sons of norway 1955This one is labeled Sons of Norway at Ecola Park.  These are from 1955.

img096 1957

Picnic in the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa Campbell’s house, with Mom and Dad, Bob and Kathryn, and Bob!  I can see Dad is sitting on one of the kitchen chairs, that I have!  I think Mark has the chairs that Bob is sitting in.