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Dad recalls that the car belonged to his Aunt.  He thinks she was a girls PE teacher.  His family tree shows his Dad having a sister named Mildred.


Jerry thinks this picture of his mom my have been taken when she first came to Astoria as a teen.

I recognized Aunt Jack, but wasn’t sure about Lu.  Bob rescued me again: “I’m pretty sure that is Aunt Lu with Aunt Jack (can’t find my copy of the pic–must be in an album that Suzanne has).  Aunt Lu Catto was Judy Mark’s grandmother (Imogene is her daughter).  The Warrenton house that we always referred to as Aunt Jack’s, was really Aunt Lu’s.  At Carolyn’s service Judy and Gary stayed afterwards to “spruce up” Aunt Lu and her husband Gavin’s plots.  Gavin must have died in the late 30s and from early 40s Aunt Lu shared the house with Aunt Jack.  When Aunt Lu died, Jack continued to live there until she moved to the care center in Seaside.  Shortly afterwards Imogene sold the house.”

This is Dad when he was 18 months old, in Littleton NH.  Not sure if Max was supposed to ride the sled by himself!

I had to ask Bob who the gentleman on the right was: “The gentleman next to Ferne is A. C. (Alf) Johannesen.  Carolyn’s Dad died in 1955 just before our graduation and Carolyn asked Alf to “give her away” when we married.  Alf and his wife Esther were close friends of Ferne and John.  I think Alf and John went back to high school days–maybe earlier.  The two families often vacationed together.  Carolyn adored Alf.  He was very likable. Esther was one who felt it her duty to tell you how to run your life, but she and Ferne got along fine–I think Ferne just ignored her and certainly could talk over Esther.  We honeymooned at Johannesen’s place at Neahakanie–a very nice home that curiously was painted pink.  Alf and Esther felt the traditional gray was depressing.”

January 1961

Dad lived in Newport during part of the war, while Tom was in the Navy

Who knew raking leaves was this much fun?

That’s Dad, in Littleton, New Hampshire

That’s Tony.  Dad’s got the same pout as Mom had in those pictures of her at about the same age.

And this is Max and Tony.

Looks like he’s up near the Column in Astoria.  Can’t tell if he’s climbing up or down over the ledge, or if this is a giant stump?