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img524aDad seems to be looking for their ride, and Mom finds something funny!  I’m guessing she’s just glad to have gotten out the door of the church?



img371a img370I look like I’m auditioning for a role in a noir film!  I suspect this is in Lyons.

img388 fall 1990Molly and me on my bike!  This is in front of our house on SE Morrison, near 37th.  Fall 1990.

img393 mom and andrea july 92Andrea and her grandmother at the beach, July 1992.

img367 1941Reba’s in the back yard on Yukon Street, in 1941.

img522 amanda thanksgiving 92Dad is probably telling Amanda a joke…she seems to be stifling a giggle!  This was Thanksgiving 1992.

img395 april 91img396img413Not sure if Molly is helping her grandparents with their taxes, or if this is one of her earliest IT assignments!  This was April 1991, just before her 3rd birthday, a prodigy if ever I’ve seen one.

img515 march 91Molly assures John that she’ll share what ever she brings back.  John’s not sure he can trust her.

This was taken March 1991, at Chris and Mike’s engagement party.

img394Mark has is eye on something!  Lincoln City, 1990