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IMG_9861bThe Sauna, from Jakobstad – Pietarsaari, was brought back by Reba when she and Helen and Harriet visited Finland.  I’m not sure where the little Santas came from, but they seem to like the idea of a sauna after their busy season!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


IMG_9846bOur sleepy baby has been napping since 1963 or so!  There were 3 of them, Mark thinks he has the other 2.  They came from a gift shop on Willamette Street in Eugene, I remember it had a red dutch door.  Every Christmas, this little one finds a sort-of comfy spot to doze through the holiday festivities.  This year he’s on top of the gramophone, next to the bird house Andrea made in ceramics class.  The rest of the year is spent in the little blue box he came in.

IMG_9844bThe owls that Aunt Jack made are still hanging in there, a bit worse for wear, but they reappear each Christmas, and find a safe spot deep within the branches of our tree.  These are an example of decorations older than I am!

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IMG_3266bIMG_3263bMom and Dad sent this for my first Christmas away from home.  It’s come out every year since, along with so many more decorations, some older than I am.

Merry Christmas to all of you!