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img929 smelt run 1956 img928 smelt run 1956I’m guessing this is on the Sandy River.


img927 last of birch trees 1956Bob has told stories before about how miserable it was to rake the leaves.  This slide is labeled “Last of our birch trees 1956”

If you click here, you can see Mom sweeping up, with a very skinny birch tree.

img926 1957 JGBob in 1957


img923 1956 Ensign1956

img919 Henry Johanns img920 Grace Johanns photo class 1958Henry and Grace Johanns, from next door to Don and Reba.  They were on the other side of Visser’s lot/garden.

These are from a photography class that Grandpa took in 1958.  Bob’s comment in the previous post about Henry’s passing reminded me that I’d seen these photos.

img913 74 img914 74Reba and Mary Lou, taken in the yard on Yukon.  1974.

These are the last two slides in Grandpa’s collection of over 2000 slides.  Not sure why he stopped then.

img916 hoover dam 0364 img917 img918Same trip as yesterday’s shot at the Salton Sea.

img915 salton sea march 64bHelen, Clark and Reba on the beach of the Salton Sea in Southern California.  It’s 1964.

This is another one of those seemingly ordinary photos that is actually quite wonderful.  Nice lighting, a little desolation, and ignoring the camera!  Click on the image for a larger view.

img912 july 72 img911 july 72What a cute couple!  Don and Reba on a cruise up the Inside Passage to Alaska, in July of 1972.

img910 031272I’m two days away from my 15th birthday in this shot from March 1972.

I checked to make sure, it’s a Sunday!  Mark and I must have changed our clothes as soon as we got home from church.  Zoom in and it looks like we’re wearing desert boots.

Grandpa Campbell took the picture, they must have been returning from their annual trip to Southern California and Baja.  This is taken in Grants Pass, in our front yard