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img271 65           In first grade, you just grit your teeth and keep a firm grip on everything!  Edison Elementary in Eugene.

img270 64 7yrs                            2nd  must have been more fun, or I liked the photographer!

img277          3rd grade was a new school: Seaside Central Elementary, right across the street from our house.

img276 66                                                                     4th grade

img275 67 10 yrs                                                                    5th Grade

img269 11yrs 6thgrade6th Grade, new school, Lincoln Elementary in Grants Pass.  Either I’m back to keep it tight, or trying to stifle a laugh!

img274                    I don’t remember Junior High being this much fun!  1969 meant we could grow our hair out.

img273 711971 and well into Junior High.

img272 15yrs                          15 years old would make this 1972 and Grant Pass High School.

img278 16yrs                                  16 years old, Junior in High School, 1973!


img254sue oct67Sue in 1967.  Happy belated birthday!

img259 christie 8yrs 3rd gradeChris, in 3rd Grade, according to the note on the picture.

img253chrisoct67This is Chris in October 1967, but she’ll have to do the math and tell us what school year.

img260 oct70and in 1970

img258 8th grade 65 66I’ve been saving a whole stack of school pictures.  Here’s Maryann in 8th Grade.

And in 9th Grade.

img257 maryann 9th grade 1966 67

IMG_1652This is from 4 years ago, 2009.  Dad turned 80 that year.  Those of you who are younger than that, can probably still do the math!